★ One best practice: the CoAstro

That CoAstro is a “best practice”, we already knew! However, recently, it has again been confirmed as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) best practice.

Indedd, it was invited to attend (and to present itself) at the Scientix 2023 National Conference. The Conference took place last March 11th, and was organised by the Direção-Geral de Educação, within the scope of the Scientix project.

Scientix is coordinated by the European Schoolnet: a consortium of 34 Education Ministers, the European Commission, universities and companies.

Scientix’s mission is to improve science education by promoting and supporting STEM collaboration between teachers, researchers, policy makers and other STEM professionals.

CoAstro’s presentation can be seen HERE (aos 6:22:43) and its poster is available HERE.

One of the novelties of this presentation was the establishment of what it will be needed for CoAstro to linger: a future best practice, or a best practice with a future?

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