★ CoAstro reproduction

The CoAstro reproduction gave rise to “Pequenos Astrónomos [Little Astronomers]”. This new project emerged from the constant need to respond to the children curiosity in Dr. Carlos Pinto Ferreira School, who participated in the 1st CoAstro edition.

“Pequenos Astrónomos”, led by the CoAstrian teacher Maria Julieta Ferreira, intends to facilitate the teacher´s work with astronomy, in the classroom context, supported by astronomers from the Planetário do Porto – Centro Ciência Viva [Porto Planetarium – Ciência Viva Center].

This worthwhile initiative takes greater dimensions when it was considered as a project of the “Escola Amiga da Criança [Child Friendly School]”. This initiative aims to distinguish schools that conceive and concretize extraordinary ideas, contributing to a happier child development in the school and, mostly, share these good practices.

Congratulations to the CoAstrians and new Little Astronomers from Vila do Conde!

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