★ CoAstro´s in Toulouse

CoAstro was presented, by  one of the portuguese teacheres selected for the Climate Education Summer University 2022 (CESU).

This happened because of CoAstro’s close relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Indeed, CoAstro reduces territorial inequalities (SDG 10), because it targets students and teachers of Portuguese regions, with lower spontaneous engagement with science. This also ensures inclusive and equitable quality education, leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes (SDG 4.1.) and including people with disabilities and children in vulnerable situations (SDG 4.5). CoAstroCoAstro ensures public access to information (SDG 16.10).

This summer school has selected 30 European teachers, preparing them to address the topic of climate change and climate modeling. It is part of the project Earth system models for the future 2025 (ESM2025), unded by the European Union under the program Horizon 2020.

CESU took place from July 18 to 22 at Météo-France (the French Metereology Institute), in the city of Toulouse.

★ CoAstro in Shaw (not show)

CoAstro was one of the projects selected to be presented at the 4th Shaw-IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education.

This is the most important meeting promoted by the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education: the International Astronomical Union’s office dedicated to astronomy for primary and secondary education.

CoAstro was integrated in the parallel session “Astronomy education research on the role of astronomy in schools”. Due to the global scale of the event, the session was held twice, in order to cover several time zones.

The presented work can be read at the workshop’s Proceddings book (pages 64-67).

★ CoAstro returns to school

In September, CoAstro went back to school: we physically returned to schools.

The CoAstrian teachers took the summer break to structure what is now coming: a plan to recover… the pleasure of being together again!

So teachers, students, astronomers and science communicators will cross paths again in the space… of the school!

★ The CoAstro assesses

In May 2022 the PhD Program in Science Teaching and Dissemination was evaluated by A3ES. In this process CoAstro was invited to integrate two evaluation panels. One of them was attended by the “Condo Administrator”  and the other by the teacher Maria Julieta Ferreira.

In these panels CoAstro was asked for its testimony based on the interaction it had with the study cycle under evaluation.

Obviously, such an invitation is a great pride for the entire CoAstro and the recognition of the work already done.


★ The CoAstro in the Camino de Santiago

The CoAstro structuring and implementation model was presented in Santiago de Compostela – 
MW-Gaia WG5 workshop Breaking Barriers: Inspiring the Next Generation
. This workshop aims to bring together the astronomical community and get inspiration on how data from the Gaia mission is used in different areas of astronomy.

This presentation had the particularity of CoAstro being defended by one of the science communicators involved in the project: Elsa Moreira. She represented, in an extraordinary way, the entire Condo.

The abstract of her presentation can be seen in the  “Programme” section of the workshop website.

★ A Latin American CoAstro

Is citizen science merely an investigative technique? Or is it a mechanism for Open Science? Or a method for teaching and disseminating science? And what if the answer is: all of it… through school!

In a special dossier on “science and technology communication” a new CoAstro publication reveals how citizen science can be enhanced, without self funding or self human resources, reaching, with lasting effects, audiences that would otherwise not spontaneously engage with science – “Citizen Science through school: the importance of interpersonal relationships“.

★ CoAstro caught in the net(work)

The National Citizen Science Meeting 2021 took place on the 25th and 26th of November. It, focused on sharing and discussing challenges and good practices of citizen science, intended,  at the same time to strengthen the Portuguese Citizen Science Network – CC.pt.

CoAstro, in the program as a “Long oral presentation“, in the panel “Education, Society and Citizenship”, was present in a papper entitled “Citizen Science in school context: from an investigative technique to a method for science teaching and communicating – a national example”.

May the Net(work) be with us!

★ CoAstro in Metz

Science & You” is an international event of scientific and technical culture organized by the University of Lorraine. After three editions in 2015 (Nancy), 2017 (Montreal) and 2018 (Beijing), a new edition took place from November 16th to 19th 2021, in Robert Schuman Conference Center, Metz (France).

CoAstro had a special place in the programme of the last day. Thus, in the Thematic Workshop on Citizen Science & Participatory Science was presented the work “Citizen science: from a scientific technique to a science education and communication method – the CoAstro practical example”.

We look forward to the next “Science & You”!

★ O CoAstro on stage

CoAstro was selected for Science on Stage Portugal (6 and 7th of November in Cascais) in the category “Collaboration in STEM Education”.

O Science on Stage distinguishes “outstanding ideas for science education” which, after a national selection, leads to the Europe’s largest educational event for STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics): 450 teachers, from pre-school to primary and secondary education, from more than 30 countries, come together to share ideas and good teaching practices at a fair with stands, workshops and stage presentations.

In addition to the physical presence, the event also has a virtual fair: HERE.