★ A Latin American CoAstro

Is citizen science merely an investigative technique? Or is it a mechanism for Open Science? Or a method for teaching and disseminating science? And what if the answer is: all of it… through school!

In a special dossier on “science and technology communication” a new CoAstro publication reveals how citizen science can be enhanced, without self funding or self human resources, reaching, with lasting effects, audiences that would otherwise not spontaneously engage with science – “Citizen Science through school: the importance of interpersonal relationships“.

2 Replies to “★ A Latin American CoAstro”

  1. wow what a stunning astro investigation with friends. how much will it cost for this?

    1. CoAstro does not have self-funding or self-human resources: the participation is complete free. This is true for all participants: astronomers, science communicators and teachers. Thanks for your comment.

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