★ A CoAstro candidate

In addition to the previous awards/candidatures (with the Centenary Award being the most notable), since the end of 2022 CoAstro has once again been honoured in various ways.

Thus, at the end of 2022 it was a candidate for the Prémio Fundação Engº António de Almeida. In 2023, it was an invited candidate for the European Union Prize for Citizen Science and for the prize Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications. However, CoAstro came closest to an international honour this year when it was once again a finalist for Science Breakthrough of the Year – Science Engagement.

This is a source of even greater pride: in 2023 CoAstro will still be on the crest of the wave, even though it started in 2018!

A greater honour is deserved by all those who, over these five years, have kept astronomy, sown as a seed in CoAstro, alive in their schools.

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